Thank you for helping us Build Community at Holy Family.

If you would like your picture taken:

April 23-27, choose ‘Session A‘.

April 29-May 4, choose ‘Session B‘.

May 6-11, choose ‘Session C‘.

May 13-16, chose ‘Session D.’

Preparing Your Families for Photography

What is your style?

Decide the “theme” of your portrait.  Choose formal clothing for a more traditional look, or choose casual or themed clothing, if that best fits your families’ style.


Stay away from “busy” patterns, such as striped clothing.  Solid colors, such as red, blue, orange, brown, or purple are slenderizing and produce better contrasting photos.  Choose a color theme that unifies the look of your family.  Long sleeves are better for adults and focus attention on the face.  Short sleeves are better for kids and infants.  Wrinkled clothing does not photograph well.

PLEASE NOTE:  The photographer will be using Green Screen technology.  This allows them to change backgrounds.  For this reason, stay away from “Green” patterns, such as striped or solid green clothing.   HOWEVER, there will be an alternate background for anyone that wishes to wear Packers or Boylan wear.


Avoid haircuts within 48 hours of your portrait session.  It is best to have any hair changes done 2 weeks prior to your portrait session.

Try to avoid hairstyles with large or small uplifting curls which may let our “green screen background” show through the hair.


Apply make-up as you normally would for an evening out.  Pay special attention to your eyes.  (This is the focal point in a portrait).  An extra coat of mascara can help bring out your eyes.  Bring lipstick and powder for touch-ups.  Chapstick works better for the guys.  (It keeps the lips from looking dry and cracked, especially during cold weather months).  The Portrait Café Digital Services offer retouching to help with any complexion issues (scars, blemishes, facial lines, etc.) and can also whiten teeth.

Glasses & Accessories:

If you wear glasses normally, please feel free to wear them in your portrait.  Our photographers are trained to minimize any glare, and this way we photograph the “real you”.


Avoid large distracting accessories.  Smaller jewelry items compliment your face.


If you wear nail polish, it is best to wear natural or basic colors so that they will match with what you are wearing.

Posing for Your Images:

If you have any special requests, please let us know.  We encourage you to have fun during your portrait sessions.  Let the photographer work with the children to bring out their natural smiles.

Day of Portrait Session: 

Be on time.  Check in with the Hostess upon arrival.  Pictures will be taken in the Frassati room (immediately to the left upon entering Holy Family Church). Each appointment is scheduled for 12 minutes with the photographers.  Afterwards you will move into another room to view and make picture selection(s).  Please allow 30–60 minutes for your portrait session and selection of your directory pose.


  1. The photography/sales team is tested regularly and cleared.
  2. The photographer/sales team will wear face masks.
  3. The photographer will maintain the social distance of 6 feet while photographing the families.

The sales consultant will maintain the social distance of 6 feet while the families view their portraits. To do this, he will have a table set up with a laptop of the family’s portraits. On an adjacent table, there will be a second monitor set up for families to view their portraits and purchase any they may want. Samples will be displayed on a table but cannot be touched.