St. Joseph and Sons

About Us

St. Joseph & Sons, formerly known as The Rockford Men’s Group, decided to change our name to one that would better reflect our efforts and stated mission. All projects are focused within the Rockford Diocese.


St. Joseph & Sons of Rockford works with Christian organizations in need of physical repairs or renovations. Through donated time, talent and funding, we establish plans and timelines to complete projects. We mentor and nurture members to sustain and advance these goals and actions for all God’s family.

Mission Statement

We restore, maintain and enhance facilities to worship, learn and live our Christian faith.

How do you join?

If you would like more information about joining please contact Bill Derry at billd@fieldfastener.com

Your desire to help others is all that we ask to be part of our group. Additional talents of basic carpentry or electrical are good resources to have but not required. We do put forth an effort to raise funds that would support a portion of the projects we work on.

Spiritual Corner

Relationship – Identity – Mission.
St. Joseph was hard worker who knew who he was and who he was called to be by God. He understood his relationship with God, which informed him of his identity, which in turn allowed him to see his mission. This is the order through which we all have to understand our lives: Relationship – Identity – Mission. The most important and fundamental key to who each of us is, is the fact that God has revealed Himself to us so that we might be in relationship with Himself. This relationship becomes a reality for each of us through our baptism, through which we become sons and daughters of God.

Very often we are faced with the temptation that the world offers us, which is to see things in the opposite order. The world looks at our Mission (all that we do, and whether or not we’re successful in our undertakings) and says that our identity is created by what we do. This then of course affects our relationships. What this leads to frequently is our doubting ourselves when things go wrong and when we can’t provide in the way that we would expect. Or to doing good simply for the sake of desiring to be notice and accepted. Had Joseph fallen into this trap, it certainly would have been difficult for him to have continued to be the humble man who quietly loved, served, and provided for his family.

All of the Joes are called to come and serve as Sons of God who serve humbly out of a desire to carry out their mission from God. We do not serve for the sake of building ourselves up, nor as a tool to create our identity. We all need to continue to delight in our relationship with God and to serve from a desire to spread the love of God so that many others can come to know their worth that comes from their own relationship with God.